Analytical Confirmation of Design Package (Calculations)

A complete set of calculations will be provided with all designs (unless feasibility or approval in principle designs) using the limit state approach.

It is the most advanced/adopted method of calculation adopted in permanent works engineering but not in temporary works. We are market leaders in the adoption of limit state design approach. This method enables us to apportion risk in areas where greater uncertainty occurs. But what does this mean to you? It means you get a more economic design ensuring your are more cost competitive.

On average, using the limit state approach can generate between 10-20% savings in the amount of materials in design resulting in less labour intensive projects and hence providing a much more efficient design.

We work with linear elastic analysis software, p-delta analysis software and have developed in house software to enable us to be at the leading edge of our profession.

All calculations come in a report style format which can be bound together with the designs to give a much more presentable document than ‘standard’ calculation format.