This downloads section has a dual purpose – both designed to help you, the customer!

The first purpose is to enable you to obtain the most up to date information about our company. Companies who run QA systems will regularly be required to update their filing system with up to date insurance information from suppliers, and even proof that the supplier runs a QA system themselves. This page will hopefully provide you with all you need to complete this process.

The second purpose is to provide you with useful documents to assist in the design and erection process. Please feel free to use the documents as you wish, but they are provided in good faith and should not be copied or recreated in any way.

Some of the documents are only ‘snippets’ of documents in order to protect our interests and intellectual property. We will be happy to provide full copies of documents to customers who use our services – please just request a copy and/or sign up to our mailing list where copies will be issued on a regular basis.

Please download your free copy of the scaffold specification document and either give us a call to discuss, or fill in the relevant fields and send it to the office. The document does contain a lot of information but gives us all of the information we need to carry out a design. Alternatively just give us a call and we can take all information over the phone.

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Terms and conditions
A copy of our terms and conditions are available on request to customers wanting to use our services. Please email or call us to request your copy today.
Health and safety policy
Please feel free to donwload a copy of our companies health and safety policy and other associated health and safety documents. These will be regularly updated so keep an eye on the documents for the most up to date version.

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Make sure you're ready for our on-site consultation by downloading the checklist

Professional Indemnity Insurance.
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Integrated quality manual
Please feel free to download an extract of our integrated quality assurance system. If you require a full copy please request it here.

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Customer feedback
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