Health and Safety (Risk Assesments / Independent Inspection Work)

Why not have us as your consultants on matters of health and safety with regards to scaffolding?
We can provide the following health and safety services;
ON SITE INSPECTION of scaffolding and temporary works from an engineering standpoint. No more non-constructive inspections where no resolution is found. Where there are variations from NASC guidance and/or design, we can attend site, inspect a scaffold, report accordingly with design and/or design input, thus offering a complete service. We can give technical advice on site ensuring the project is not at a standstill.
DESIGNERS’ RISK ASSESSMENTS are required under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2007. We will produce a full designers risk assessment with each and every design for the specific site. We will also ensure that all residual risks are clearly identified so that they can be managed on site. If you don’t receive a risk assessment at all, you should question if you are getting the right service.
HEALTH AND SAFETY LAW As a company we are fully conversant in all current British Law and Statute. We will ensure that all of our services are within the requirements of Health and Safety Law in the UK.
SPECIALIST HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUESTS If you require any specialist advice specifically relating to scaffolding and temporary works we will try and tailor a service which suits you.
ERECTION METHODOLOGY Where there is a specific need to sequence works in a certain way, and doing something wrong/out of sequence could pose a risk to health and safety, we will clearly indicate a specific design erection methodology so that the Contractor can adopt this in the erection methodology. We have a team of specialist advisors who specialise in safe methods of erection in a practical sense so can provide an whole round service.