Burton Street Festival Stage Design

Project details

  • Date

     April 15, 2012

  • Client

     Burton Street Foundation, Sheffield

  • Task

     Burton Street Festival Stage Design

  • Category

     On site

The stage design was completed in April 2014 for charity in order to help a charity in their need for design and to provide free marketing for the company in and around the South Yorkshire area. (Design available or viewing above)
The client provided full details of what they required from the structure and the foreseeable numbers of people and equipment and then we were left to do our thing. The temporary roof structure was required to provide a water resistant environment for amplifiers and electric equipment during performances and a level stage area for performances to take place. Safe, pedestrian ‘grade’, access and egress was required to facilitate access and egress from the stage. In addition to this the scaffold had to maintain an aesthetic appeal and needed have a substantial design load to cater for large groups of performers. We actively support the Burton Street Foundation and hope our help helps the foundation in some way.