He has endured a selfless separation from the frothy delights of a tall, cool, gently sparkling glass of lager-lusciousness. He has nobly foregone the seductive sensation of a deep, velvety merlot slinking past his tonsils with a crimson flush of warm fruity mellowness. Single-handedly he has foregone the tingly satisfaction of a crisp gin, the oaky resplendence of a malt scotch hitting the tonsils and the slinky stimulation as the icy finger of vodka caresses your tongue.
And when February comes all we have to do is get him to stop shaking and send him to intensive caffeine rehab.
So why not get him over the line with a donation to

The Marie Curie foundation provide comprehensive care and support to people suffering with terminal conditions. And you can reward Ryan’s heroic achievement and help people who have bigger battles than sobriety to deal with. And it’s not just them that you help, terminal illness blights the victim’s families at the same time The Marie Curie nurses and social workers are the people with the most experience of dealing compassionately with all the terrible effects of such a situation. Why not get that warm feeling that the day just got better without having a drink, by clicking on Ryan’s Just Giving link below? Don’t let Ryan’s liver get marginally healthier for nothing.