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    Why pick us?

    We don’t just aim to save you money: We aim to offer you a service which is un-paralleled on cost, quality and time for each and every project we carry out for you. In order to do this, as part of our standard service….

    • We offer “Creative Engineering with Complete Customer Focus in Mind”.
    • We produce the most detailed designs seen in the industry. We promise you we have not seen any with the precision and detail offered as standard with our service. We have developed our designs this way to be ahead of the rest. (An example design can be found by clicking here).
    • All designs are covered by the most advanced calculations in the industry (limit state design) – we can save you time and money due to the 10-20% reduction in materials by using advanced methods of analysis.
    • We will aim to beat any price - If you can provide us with written proof of the cost for a design on letter headed paper from one of our competitors we will aim to beat them on cost.
    • Our company has the most detailed integrated quality system covering every aspect of our work, complying with ISO9001:2008, ensuring everything you receive is of the best quality.
    • £2,000,000 (2 million) professional indemnity cover - this level of indemnity means we can work on projects of any size and scale and you have peace of mind that you are covered.
    • Pick up the phone or request a design consultation today!

    • We can attend site and carry out an options report to provide you with the various options available to solving your problem at hand. We wont just stop there, we will provide you with diagrammatic options so that you can see visually the options available to you.

    • A complete set of calculations will be provided with all designs (unless feasibility or approval in principle designs) using the limit state approach.

    • We don’t have a set cost as the variables are, well, variable. Each project, no matter how small, has its variables which beneficially or adversely affect the cost for our services. Let’s cut the mumbo jumbo and get to the point of you knowing what a project will cost.

    • We can provide you with a fully comprehensive, full colour, detailed or feasibility design drawings to meet your bespoke specification.